In 1981, Ari Kalayciyan, the creative visionary behind the brand, journeyed from Istanbul to Los Angeles with his family to discover his passion for diamond setting and jewelry craftsmanship. Established in 1987, Brightcut’s story unfolds over three decades as a leading diamond setting atelier driven by the pursuit to craftsmanship, a fixation with detail and devotion to beauty.


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In 2012, Ari decided to bring his son to apprentice him on jewelry and diamond setting with the hope to transform Brightcut into family owned bespoke jewelry house: 'One of the bonuses of owning a business is the clientele I have encountered over the years. I treasure every close relationships with clients I have become friends with, and this is now passing to the second generation, as my son Sevag is inheriting those relationships. Brightcut is a family business and the people who enter our store and buy our jewelry become part of our family.' Sharing love for excellent workmanship and design with his son, Ari made the right choice of family collaboration.

For Sevag, coming from mechanical engineering himself, work with jewelry and diamond setting proved to be more a provocation than a deterrent, he says: ‘I never gave up learning new techniques and always moved with more determination’. His entrepreneurial instincts and drive fueled his ascent. ‘I come from a family of hard-working people and I was born with a will to succeed.’ Being thrilled to challenge himself, Sevag became one of the promising junior master craftsmen in the industry in a short period of time. Constantly experimenting with new advanced techniques he brought the breath of fresh air and energy needed to further increase creativity and set the bar even higher.

We emerge with a unique art de vivre philosophy defined by unchanging principles: outstanding craftsmanship, timeless yet trendy and innovative designs, contemporary functionality and high quality materials.

After spending five years at the atelier, Ari decided to become completely independent and was ready to set up standalone business alongside some of his teammates. At the age of 25, Ari's opportunistic nature and courage to take risks, all contributed to his business path when Brightcut came to being in 1987 at the renowned Los Angeles Jewelry District. 'When I decided to be completely independent, I already had a good number of colleagues and loyal customers that followed me to a brand-new endeavor; in time clientele grew in a healthy manner and soon I found myself fully immersed in production with my five men crew.'

I treasure every close relationships with clients I have become friends with, and this is now passing to the second generation, as my son is inheriting those relationships

In 1994, the LA jewelry district business was booming, and Ari was keen to reach new customers and made a decision to move to their current store at the heart of the jewelry district - California Jewelry Mart Building, where its clientele grew even bigger. In the beginning of 2000's the jewelry industry was facing technological innovations and Brightcut was already on top of the game: 'We had already integrated microscopes and pneumatic cutters successfully into the process which made our reputation of being one of the benchmarks in the field; throughout all those years we have always insisted in producing the best quality for our customers and very often guiding them through the numerous production obstacles they would encounter.' Associated with his master razor-sharp setting techniques, Ari's influences and references strongly recall the spirit of Brightcut.

Together with the development of the business and having a reputation of the master diamond setter, Ari's passion and desire for art and jewelry design grew alongside. New jewelry design ideas were constantly filling his mind and transferred onto paper with his talented hand. However, with the infinite float of work, the plans to expand the business kept falling behind.