Brightcut creates exceptional pieces with a profound respect for savoir-faire traditions and heritage.

We seek a balance between a long list of constraints: successfully transforming the jewelry design into a work of art, making precious metals and gemstones shine, making the piece beautiful and resilient, ensuring the back looks as good as the front.




Our jewelry creations are embraced by the vision of customers and constant exploration of fresh ideas and new possibilities. Each design encapsulates the unique style of each client. Simultaneously, we take inspiration from the natural world, art and broad spectrum of design. By working together, Brightcut designers and craftsmen allow the most daring ideas come to life.


Brightcut stands for the finest and only the very best precious metals and gemstones. We buy diamonds and colored gemstones from the top trusted and ethically responsible suppliers worldwide. Every stone undergoes quality assessment for its perfect color, facet and alignment by our certified gemologists and is selected for its impeccable quality. This is how we make sure our diamonds and gemstones meet the highest standards. We offer sustainable lab grown diamonds per customer request.


The task of our master diamond setters requires talent, precision and patience. It is due to their skill and vision, limitless passion and the steadiest of hands, Brightcut can unlock the hidden radiance and beauty of the gems and make sure diamonds float and stand at the forefront of each design. Our master craftsmen mastered all of the existing diamond setting techniques and continue inventing their own to flourish the diamond’s natural brilliance.


After each detail is meticulously reviewed, the finished jewelry leaves the workshop. Glimpsing into the core of a jewelry piece to see every microscopic detail isn’t just something we reserve for ourselves. Every Brightcut customer has the opportunity to see the beauty of the piece with our proprietary technology. Our workshop is equipped with special demonstrator, allowing to see through the eyes of an expert and assess the piece and diamonds from every and each angle.